Willy Wonka Slot

Willy Wonka Slot – Immerse into a Fantasy Tale and Get Profit for this

Willy Wonka Slot game is a gambling entertainment that combines various slot machines made in the design of the 1971 film based on the famous children’s book. Travel with Charlie through a huge chocolate factory, win gigantic sums of money, find a variety of prizes and gifts, hit jackpots and just enjoy the beautiful graphics and authentic sounds.

Willy Wonka Slot Game Review by Scientific Games / Bally

Scientific Games and Bally now have five Willie Wonka free slots based on the movie about Willie Wonka:

  • Pure Imagination;
  • World of Wonka;
  • The Wonkavator;
  • Dream Factory;
  • Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

They share characters and design, but each game consumes and uses more than the previous one. They are all based on the 1971 movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

All of these games have great settings. The Pure Imagination slot is equipped with a lower screen sloping towards the gambler and a narrow screen above it. The last 2 games have screens that revolve around the gambler, creating an exciting experience. They are too big for the main game’s battery. Instead, you receive a fantastic graphics of a full-fledged chocolate factory or candy landscape. The second and the third titles have large hanging screens alongside with double seats.

While using the 5×5 or 5×6 grids, the reels are larger than usual. What separate the slots from each other are their pictures. The most generous are purple. They represent Gene Wilder (Willie Wonka). Some of the icons come with the word “jackpot”. Other well-paying icons are personages from the film. These are Charlie, Veruca Salt, Grandpa Joe and Sam.

Software: WMS
Slot Type: Video Slot
Paylines: 9
Launch: May 14, 2014
Min Coins Size: 1
Max Coins Size: 100
Jackpot: 10000
Rtp: 96%

Features and bonuses

Characters are shared in the games. Either way, Gene Wilder in a purple jacket is the most rewarding character. In some games, it looks both folded and larger. All of the heroes in the film are high-paying characters. Among them are Charlie, Verruca Salt and Grandpa Joe and.

Oompa Loompas can be met in every game. They are not used as symbols, but they play the main role in random bonuses. You will see how the roles develop differently in the row of slots as well as in the spectacular song Oompa Loompa. Candy is a symbol of lower wages. Every time you spin one of the random symbols, it dominates the reels. To get big wins on some spins, you need to cover all the reels with the same symbol.

Willy Wonka slot machine game has multiple bonuses. These game are especially interesting because you can hit a number of various bonus rounds. This prevents recurrence. You can choose between free games, free spins and jackpot games.

The developers have equipped the Willy Wonka games with several prize rounds. For instance, in the Willy Wonka and Chocolate Factory slot, the function of choosing an additional game is framed in the form of an elevator ride. So, going up to the Willy Wonka floor, the user will receive a package of free spins.

In the Gobstopper round, you can earn bonuses by collecting candies. If instead of a sweet in the wrapper there is a bomb, the winnings will disappear, but the client will have a chance to go through this round again.

Becoming a visitor of Wonka Bar, the player can find the Golden Ticket prize option. It will start a cycle of free spins, which will bring you a win of 1500 Willy Wonka slots free coins.

The most fun of the bonus rounds is the Chocolate River Ride stage. The user will be able to sail on a boat along the course of the chocolate river, collecting payments along the way.

There are numerous other diverset features, which together with the random Oompa Loompa bonuses will let you play Willy Wonka slot machine online free and keep you amused all the time.

Betting and Payout Rules

Players can place bets from 6 coins to 600 coins.

Willy Wonka Free Slot on Mobile Gadgets

You don’t need to play on your desktop to experience the stunning graphics of this slot machine. It is fully optimized for mobiles and tablets, so you can have 1. fun wherever you go.

How to Play at Willy Wonka Slot App?

You can press the turn button yourself or take full advantage of the auto-rotate function, and relax and watch the action. Willy Wonka slots and their generous bonuses offer you piles of ways to win a lot of money without the need to look for some Willy Wonka slot machine cheats.

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