Mr. Cashman Slot

Mr. Cashman Slot Game Review by Aristocrat

The theme of the Mr Cashman slot machine is based on the character of Mr. Cashman, who has turned into a national icon of Australians who focus on the game. Mr. Cashman is a kind of mascot.

Mr. Cashman is constantly present and shows his characteristic smiley face. Due to the great popularity of this personage in Australia the developet has added Mr. Cashman as a symbol for other slots.

Titles, featuring Mr. Cashman, include Jail Bird, African Dusk, Magic Eyes and Jewel of the Enchantress. While each of these alternatives has a different theme, each contains a reference to Mr. Cashman, and the Aristocrat has developed a quartet to recreate Mr. Cashman’s original play structure.

The continued success of the basic Mr Cashman slot machine free prompted the developer to release further sequels, comprising Cashman Fever, Cashman Fever 2, and Cashman Live.

Features and Bonuses

Mr. Cashman with Jail Bird, African Dusk, Magic Eyes and Jewel of the Enchantress, Free Spins Bonus Round and other bonuses are completely random. This means that no combination of symbols on the reels will take you to the bonus game. When this happens, it’s always a surprise. Either way, however, Mr. Cashman’s smiling face will appear on the screen to announce the upcoming bonus tour, and he will celebrate this with you.

When you play the four Mr Cashman slot machine online games, each of the titles has its own bonus feature. These bonus games can only be played if you have made the maximum of your previous bet or wagered 25 credits per spin.

The four match bonus games for Mr. Cashman are:

  • Random spin. You will see the character of Mr. Cashman appear on the screen and randomly spin one or more reels from the main game. All winning combinations are paid out at 3x, 5x or 10x odds.
  • Choose a feature. You will be taken to a side screen where Mr. Cashman will present you with an easy choice. You can access your wallet and earn up to 1000 free credits multiplied by the download. You can also click on the gift box to win 5, 10, 15 or 20 free spins. During the free spins bonus, all winning combinations are paid out with a 2x, 3x or 5x multiplier.
  • Random bonus. Mr. Cashman will appear on the screen and award a random bonus of up to 50,000 credits multiplied by the online bet.
  • Match the prize. They see a screen with the stars touching until two matching prices are displayed. These winnings are up to 1000 credits multiplied by the online bet, or 5, 10, 20 or 40 free spins, with all winning combinations multiplied by 1x, 2x, 3x or 5x.
  • Poker machine. Mr. Cashman will appear on the screen with a random bonus prize of up to 999 credits multiplied by the download.
Software: Aristocrat
Slot Type: Video Slot
Paylines: 9
Launch: July 1, 2018
Min Coins Size: 0.1
Max Coins Size: 1
Jackpot: 1000
Rtp: 96%

Betting and Payout Rules

As a pioneer in the world of slot machines, you can play Mr Cashman slot machine free with as little as $ 0.01 and up to $ 1. This means that cash players need to cover $ 0.20

Mr Cashman on Mobile Gadgets

Mr Cashman slot app supports the mobile version implemented in JS, HTML5.

How to Play at Mr Cashman Slot App?

Players have the option to activate one payline, all paylines or a subtotal. But casual slots players know that the best way to enjoy Aristocrat’s game is to activate all available paylines. The original Mr. Cashman is slightly different from the classic Aristocrat game structure known today, so players skip the usual wave of Wilds and create an additional winning combination. Free spins multipliers and bonuses remain the same, but unlike most modern slots, they cannot be activated and only appear randomly. Mr Cashman slot wins are not included in any progressive jackpot.

In general, Mr. Cashman is a real treat for online slots players who want to enjoy a variety of bonuses and features.

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